Why the Traveling Mug?

–It is 50% an inside joke with my roommates (who drink wine out of plastic mugs) and 50% because of my obsession with coffee shops and collecting mugs from different cities.

Who am I?

–I’m Emily and I am a student screenwriter, going to school in Southern California, but currently studying abroad in the south of France. I have a peculiar obsession with young adult television shows on the CW, and an equal obsession with what most people would describe as melancholic drama films. Some of my favorite movies are Dead Poets’ SocietyBirdcageFunny FaceBreakfast at TiffaniesSpotlight, and Princess Bride.

Why a blog?

–This blog is about my adventures abroad, mostly in the form of advice for people who are reserved and quiet like me and perhaps need some help in preparing for new, intimidating adventures. I’m here to squeeze as much juice out of life as I can and use that to fuel my current and future writing endeavors.