Travel Recommendations


  • Le Grenier à Pain – located in Montmartre, a beautiful and unique part of Paris. The most amazing pastries and baguettes (voted best baguettes in Paris in 2015)!
  • Castel Café – not really a French cuisine restaurant but the perfect place to grab a quick drink and snack right by the Eiffel Tower!
  • Crepe stands by the Eiffel Tower – there are tons of little carts with crepes and I definitely suggest getting one when you go see the Eiffel Tower, it will make your “French experience” feel a little more complete!


  • “Aphrodite” Mykonian Suite (our AirBnB) – We all had such a great experience. George was an excellent host and his drivers were so kind and helpful in getting us to and from downtown. The wifi is a little spotty inside, but works perfectly on the balcony – plus there is a friendly, adorable cat who hangs out with you on the balcony (my friends and I called her Aphrodite)!
  • Delos Island – Definitely take a ferry out to the island and explore the ancient ruins. All of the history will take your breath away. You can pay for a guided tour, or explore the ruins on your own!


  • Mamma’s House (located in Fira) – This was our first meal in Santorini and it was so good and very reasonably priced! Great food and friendly service.
  • Perissa Black Sand Beach – the beach itself is beautiful plus several restaurants outline the street across from the beach. Find the one with the orange and yellow colors and bar; the food is amazing and reasonably priced (especially the falafel sandwich and Mexican salad).
  • Volcano and Hot Springs tours – This was one of the best adventures my friends and I took. It is so fun. And don’t forget to look out for the donkey rides on the way back!
  • Dr. Fish Spa – Your feet will actually feel quite smooth afterwards, plus the prices are great. I definitely recommend the 30 minute session because you get a free glass of wine and a discount on future visits!


  • Gashof Goldgasse – a little pricy, but awesome schnitzel!
  • Augustinerbrau – go here for a real Austrian/German experience where you can try awesome beer! The atmosphere is a bit of a culture shock but super fun, plus the beer is made by monks and it tastes amazing. Make sure you have cash, though!
  • Cafe Habakuk – most amazing hot chocolate and apple strudel! My friend and I went twice in 24 hours because it was so amazing!
  • Mirabell Gardens – the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, plus it is where they filmed “Do Rae Me” in Sound of Music.

(Shoutout to my friend, Andrea – she studies in Salzburg and recommended all these places to me)


  • Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna – If you need a place to stay, this hostel is cheap and really nice. The staff is incredibly helpful and the amenities are great!
  • Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens – a beautiful place for pictures or just to walk through. It is also quite big, so bring walking shoes!
  • Sigmund Freud Museum – I am not a big museum person, nor did I know much about Freud. However this museum was actually really interesting, plus it was located in Freud’s old apartment and offices!



– Viet Thai (6 Rue du Maréchal Joffre, 06400 Cannes): Collège favorite. Good prices, decent food, and very friendly owner.

– Sri Ganesh: Really good Indian food. Fun ambiance. Another college favorite. The garlic naan is a must!

– Ma Nolan’s: A chain, yes I know. But if you happen to be missing some good American hot wings, or craving some guacamole and sour cream smothered nachos, or wanting to listen to some awesome music, this is the place to go with a group of friends.

– Le P’tit Zinc: Tiny little restaurant at the bottom of Le Suquet. They have an incredible Salade du chèvre (goat cheese salad) and everything is so fresh that they stop serving food once they run out so make sure you get there early!

Things to Do:

– Île Saint Marguerite: Take the ferry out to this beautiful little island to admire the crystal blue waters, faire une dégustation de vin (wine tasting), and tour the beautiful old monastery on the island.

– The Beach: You can honestly plop a beach towel down anywhere along the beach for an incredible view, good sun, and a relaxing time.

– Rue d’Antibes: This is the most popular street in Cannes – there are hundreds of shops, cafés, boutiques, restaurants, you name it. Definitely take time to just stroll up and down this street for some excellent shopping.

– Le Suquet: The old quarter of Cannes where the tiny streets are paved with cobblestone, going up a steep hill (so prepare to be a little winded by the end of your walk). But if you are willing to make a trek, the very top of the Suquet is where you can find the  . . .

– Musée de la Castre: A cute little museum with artifacts from all over the world. But really you should go here for the view. In front of the museum is a tiny courtyard with the “CANNES” sign that overlooks the town, and in the museum is an old tower that you can climb up to the top and get the most amazing panoramic view of the entire city.